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things you can eat in the wild to survive

A prepper blog is a site dedicated to the topics of self-sufficiency and survival. These blogs can be created by individuals and groups. You will find a wide range of topics to choose from. Many blogs discuss survival topics, while others are more focused on economic topics. Prepper blogs can be helpful for anyone looking to start a homestead, or simply interested in planning for the future.

Preppers Survive

You've found the right place if you are looking for survival tips in an emergency. Preppers Survive, a website that has over 12,000 members, is available. There are many things you can do to help yourself, including how to build a fire or navigate a wilderness area without a map. Subscribe to their newsletter to get prepper articles directly to your inbox

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Homestead Dreamer

This prepper blog is written by a family in Georgia. The blog is easy to read and clear. It focuses on practical preparation. The authors have a great sense and good grammar. There are plenty of prepper articles on this blog, including how to grow your own food, how to build a wood stove, and how to use aquaponics. You can also find this blog on Twitter.

Let's talk about survival

You can learn more about survival and prepping at Let's Talk Prep. This blog is written by adventurer and outdoorsman Ken Youngquist. His insights on prepping and survival have been featured in the media. He also writes about food preservation and the importance eating local food.

Apartment Prepper

Plan ahead for apartment dwellers. Apartment dwellers may not have the space or ability to build a separate house. However, they should be prepared for all eventualities. There are many options to prepare your apartment in case of an emergency and keep it safe.

Blog about Preparedness

The Preparedness Advice Blog was created by a Combat Veteran. It provides survival and preparedness advice and product reviews. This blog should not be considered a replacement for professional medical guidance or advice. It's a forum for free expression. However, it does not offer legal advice. It is not accredited or endorsed either by any medical professionals. The author of Preparedness Advice blog is not responsible if any information or products are misinterpreted.

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Self-Reliance/Prepper Journal

A self-reliance/prepper journal is a blog or a magazine that covers topics such as self-reliance, food preparation, and general preparedness. Dave Duffy is the founder of this blog or magazine. The site has been in existence for many years. This magazine features articles on emergency preparation, as well as a guide to food preservation.


Why basic survival skills are important

Even though you might not have immediate access to water and food, it is possible to survive if you are prepared.

You have to learn how take care of yourself, and others. If you don’t know what to do, you will not last long in times of crisis.

If you plan to go into the wilderness and need food and shelter, you should learn how to make fires and cook.

These are vital skills that everyone must have. They will help you to stay safe and healthy while on a camping trip.

How long does it take to find help after becoming lost?

It all depends on several factors.

  • You are where you need to be
  • Which type of terrain are you in?
  • No matter whether you have cell reception
  • If someone has ever seen you
  • It doesn't matter if your are hurt
  • You are either dehydrated or not
  • Whether you have been drinking water
  • Whether you have eaten recently
  • It does not matter if your clothing is appropriate
  • It doesn't matter if you have a compass and a chart.
  • How familiar do you feel with the region?
  • How many years has it been since your loss?
  • How long have you spent searching for help?
  • What is the average time it takes for people to notice what you are missing?
  • How quickly they decide to search for you
  • How many rescuers do you attract
  • How many rescues has your family received?

How do you choose the best knife to suit your needs?

Choosing the best knife for your needs isn't easy. There are many brands that claim their knives to be the best.

Which is the best one? How do you choose?

You must first consider the tasks that you intend to do with your knife.

Are you going to slice bread, cut wood, skin animals or chop vegetables?

Your knife is it intended for hunting, fishing, or both? Is it designed for camp cooking or kitchen knife cutting?

Is it going to be used to open bottles or cans of beer? Are you going to open packages or boxes?

Is your knife strong enough to handle heavy loads?

What about cleaning it after every use? Is it something you intend to do often?

Do they need to maintain their edge for a long time?


  • The Dyrt PRO gives 40% campground discounts across the country (thedyrt.com)
  • We know you're not always going to be 100% prepared for the situations that befall you, but you can still try and do your best to mitigate the worst circumstances by preparing for a number of contingencies. (hiconsumption.com)
  • Without one, your head and neck can radiate up to 40 percent of your body heat. (dec.ny.gov)
  • In November of 1755, an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 6.0 and a maximum intensity of VIII occurred about 50 miles northeast of Boston, Massachusetts. (usgs.gov)

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How To

How to Make a Fish Trap That Will Survive

A fishtrap is a device to catch fish. It is made up of two parallel bars, the "trays", that form a funnel-shaped shape. The water flows into one trap, and then settles on the bottom of first tray. The water level rises as a result. The water level rises, and it eventually falls through the second barrier, allowing the fish to escape.

Fish traps have been around since ancient times and were originally used to catch salmon. They still function, but they can now be used to catch many kinds of freshwater catfish.

If you have access to enough water, it is possible to make your own fish trap. You'll want to use some kind of material to line the inside of the trap. You can also buy an online commercial fish trap kit if you don't have much space. These kits come with everything except for the materials required to construct the trap.

Here are some guidelines to follow if you decide to build your own fishtrap.

  • You must ensure that the sides of the trap do not give way to water.
  • Make sure you choose a location that is well-lit so the sun can warm the water.
  • Use a smooth surface like concrete or stone for the bottom of the trap because rough surfaces tend to attract sand and gravel particles.
  • Keep the area around the trap free of debris so that there won't be any obstacles for the fish to get caught in.

Once you have built the fish trap, place it near the edge. You don't have to worry about the fish escaping. Just leave the trap alone for several days and they will start swimming in again. There's no need to clean the trap because it should stay wet. You can always remove dead fish from the pond later if you find them.


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